Automotive ECU Development Industry

Si-Gate Development Model

Typical Industry Development Model

1 Unique Product
for Every Customer
A specific tailor made part for your development project.

2 Options for
1. Tier 1 manufacturing
2. Contract manufacturer.

3 Business Models
1. Amortization of design costs during production cycle
(Design Royalty).
2. Development Contract.
3. Combination of these two.

1 Choice Approach
Hardware & IP is not tailored to your specific needs.

2 Cost factors
1. Cost dependant on production volume.
2. High profit margin based on bill of materials.

3 Levels of Complexity
1. Purchasing to Supplier.
2. Engineering to Supplier.
3. Inflexibility.

Your Advantage with Si-Gate - We know that true innovation is difficult to achieve when you are forced to work with yesterdays components. That is why we function much differently than a large tier 1 or tier 2 supplier. Our goal is to develop the electronic hardware that you need for your advanced development projects. With our knowledge and background in developing future ECU's for OEMs as well as the top tiers combined with "small company efficiency" we are able to offer flexibility and speed to your development projects. On completion of final ECU design, production resourcing can be done independently of the complication of prototype bidding. Your advantage with Si-Gate is receiving a personalized approach to developing ECU's for your future development projects.