Fleet Management System with OBD Interaction

WEITERSTADT, Germany, August 10, 2005 - Si-Gate GmbH, a leader in the field of Automotive Electronic Development has announced the addition of the FMS-Series Fleet Management System to their product line-up.

The Si-Gate FMS-Series goes far beyond where typical AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) systems leave off. It is a full-featured AVL system that is also able to gather important vehicle data by communicating with vehicle bus protocols such as CAN via the OBD (On Board Diagnostic) connector. The transmission of the gathered data is an overlapped system using multiple communication protocols via DTE compatible V.24, GPRS, or WLAN. This provides an added security when it is critical that there is not an interruption in the flow of data. “We are very excited about being able to offer this new product to our customers. It leverages our extensive knowledge of vehicle bus systems and brings enhancements to current AVL technology in a very innovative way.” said Robert Newberry, CEO of Si-Gate GmbH.

With this unique ability to interact directly with the vehicles communication bus, the Si-Gate FMS-Series of Fleet Managers is able to receive all of the vehicles diagnostic information, use configure-able warning codes, and gather vehicle information which is completely out of reach for other AVL systems. This is done by the combination of 22 inputs, 2 high speed CAN and 1 K-Line/LIN inputs, together with 8 outputs.

The amount of configure-ability in the Si-Gate FMS-Series provides fleet managers a new level of information that leaves nothing open for speculation.

About Si-Gate GmbH
Si-Gate GmbH develops hardware and software solutions for the automotive electronics industry. They are leaders in powertrain development projects, VHDL programming, and electronic design and prototyping. They also design and build products specifically for use in automotive electronic developments such as data loggers and FPGA ECU development boards. The company headquarters are located in Stuttgart Germany.

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