Si-Gate GmbH Develops Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor Control Board

Riedstadt, Germany - August 26, 2008 - Si-Gate GmbH today announced it has expanded its product line-up to include a Brushless DC(BLDC) Motor Control Platform. Si-Gate's motor control platform (SiG-BLDC) is intended to control 3-phase brushless DC motors applications targeting industrial and automotive applications.

The SiG-BLDC contains an Xilinx Virtex-5 as FPGA fabric with Ethernet and CAN communication ports and some basic three-phase brushless DC motor controller IP. Some of the SiG-BLDC board main features include advanced motor control for three-phased brushless DC motors, four quadrant operation, Hall Effect, Quadrature, Sensorless operation modes, and on-board braking circuit.

Si-Gate GmbH develops and sales custom electronic control units for the automotive and OEM markets. Si-Gate also integrates re-usable IP for FPGA markets, with a core focus on the application of State-of-the-Art Technology into new automotive systems.

 “By combining features like the DC Motor Controller IP with an FPGA fabric", our users can perform tasks like sinusoidal or 6-step commutation and field oriented control without relying on expensive microprocessor resources to perform this tasks, thus adding value to our customers. We believe the SiG-BLDC offers quiet an attractive low cost solution for both industrial and R&D Customers. Along with options for transporting the SiG-BLDC motor control fabric to other FPGA targets, we believe the SiG-BLDC offers enough features to tackle the most challenging hybrid electric motor development needs" said Robert Newberry, Managing Director of Si-Gate GmbH.

The SiG-BLDC is a complete motor control development system designed to control 3-phase brushless DC motors with high performance digital current loops, velocity loops with encoder feedback, and an internal spatial vector processor for the most difficult control needs.

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