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DC Brushless Motor Control

Where most brushless DC motor controls lack scablitity, the SiG-BLDC can offer the user both configurable processors and different FPGA target solutions. The SiG-BLDC is an ideal platform for users interested in hybrid motor control applications or high voltage

Automotive Climate Control

Where most Climate Control systems fall short the CLIMA-100 series comes through with complete automotive interfaces required for today's demanding vehicle projects.

Fleet Management Systems

Where most AVL systems fall short the
FMS series comes through with complete
Vehicle Diagnostics, multiple wireless options,

incident data recorder, among other features.

FPGA Development Platforms

Innovative 32-bit Platform for Custom Development of Automotive and Industrial Electronic Control Units

Taking Special requests...

If it's not exactly what you need don't forget that we can do custom product development in order to fit your exact needs. Just contact one of our representatives.

Credit card orders now accepted.

Credit Card Orders Now Accepted