Innovation In Everything We Do . . .

With a background stretching from aerospace to automotive electronics, Si-Gate GmbH is well equipped to meet your electronic needs. Whether it is prototype development or production engineering, Si-Gate has the experience, knowledge, and competence to assist you in your most in depth projects.

Embedded Software Development

Si-Gate is ready to assist your next embedded development project. With our in-house software development team, Si-Gate stands ready to write low-level drivers, C/C++ Code, assembly code, and custom operating system functions to meet your immediate application needs. Our software teams continually follows ISO-9001 pratices and strives to deliver agreed tasks in an on-time manner.

We have direct software experience in ARM processors(Cortex-M1, ARM7TDMI), TI, Freescale(HC12 & PPC Families), Microchip (PIC & DsPIC), Xilinx Microblaze, and some STMicroelectronics parts.

Hybrid, Climate and Powertrain Controllers

With projects ranging from motor-sports, Hybrid electronics, to production programs, Si-Gate can assist you in your powertrain development projects . Whether it be real-time engine control, to variable valve timing control needs, we have the experience it takes to optimize these technologies in today's automotive environment. This includes forward and rear-wheel transmission electronics as well as solenoid & electric motor driven shift systems.

FPGA Development Boards

With innovative products such as our X-1500 or X-1600 FPGA Development Platform we demonstrate the necessary experience for doing pre-silicon development as well as Custom ECU Design. This allows customers an efficient way to prove system architecture before going to volume production.

Electronic Design and Prototyping

Schematic Entry - We use the industries latest CAD tools to help implement your most innovative designs.We can provide custom net list generation for your CAD databases in all major formats.
PCB Design & Assembly - Si-Gate offers complete PCB design and assembly services for insuring a quick turn around that your development projects require.

VHDL Programming

For integrating third party IP blocks, Si-Gate has the tools and competence to develop optimal VHDL code for your exact needs. We have extensive experience in developing automotive control systems. Being an X-PERT XILINX Partner, we can offer a complete integration of peripherals into your third party FPGA applications.
Small Production Runs

Si-Gate utilizes local PCB assembly manufacturers here in Germany to assemble all of our prototype and production runs. Si-Gate purchases all parts internally and produces custom build kits for assembly. Our in-house component inventory is substainable and we have experience building custom final test modules for many of our products. If you have a need to assemble products in the lower volume range(<1000 pieces) please let us know, maybe we can help!