32-bit Field Configurable
Automotive ECU Platform

XC3S2000 Spartan3 device now supported

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“The Si-Gate X-1500 gave us a perfect platform to demonstrate
our new Cortex-M3 processor running AutoSAR”

Wayne Lyons - Director of Embedded Solutions at ARM
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The X-1500 is a complete 32-bit Field Configurable ECU platform, combining the highly popular 32-bit ARM7TDMI-S™ or Xilinx MicroBlaze™ processor core with standard System-on-Chip peripherals and over 150 user programmable I/O’s. It is contained within a Xilinx Spartan-3™ FPGA with programmable logic for custom driven IP applications, a robust memory subsystem, and a full suite of Automotive and Industrial peripherals. The
X-1500 enables programmable System-on-Chip applications and expands traditional development platforms by including necessary physical layers on-board the ECU. Currently the X-1500 supports physical layers for 10/100 Ethernet, JTAG, USB 2.0, 12-bit ADC, High and Low Speed CAN, FlexRay™, LIN, K-Line, UART, and SPI along with on-board Flash and SRAM memory. The X-1500 provides designers with a configurable ECU right out of the box suitable for a wide range of Automotive and Industrial applications. The X-1500 is ideal for projects where flexibility and expandability is needed for your future ECU developments. The XC3S2000 Spartan-3 device is now supported with this platform.

The X-1500 with FlexRay Daughter Board

(MFR4300 Chipset now supported)